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”Primum non-nocere” and all that we can say within the boundaries of Online Copywriting – the body of work enacted consciously.

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Columnist/Philosopher/Copywriter: Karolina (Kala) Karmaza

Get inspired by diverse range of articles based on Philosophy of Mind and Philosophy of Culture. Be inspired by contemporary philosophy of the XXI century. READ to know more…

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 Kala Bennu on Holidays by K... by Karolina ( Kala ) Karmaza

Copywriting with Philosophical flair for better understanding of the subject matter.

 kala bennu on holidays by Karolina Kala Karmaza

What words to use when writing for Primary School audience?

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What ideas to use when inspiring Secondary School audience?

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Do we need customized Ethics when writing for Higher Education audience?

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What Philosophy of Ethics adds to the XXI century Online Education?

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What to communicate in times of crisis? Is pandemic limiting our chances when it comes to learning and development?

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Post-Covid-19 Philosophy – What uncertainty inspire in the XXI century conscious mind?

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